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    > So, any ideas (or links to eBay auctions) of brands/models/etc. I should focus on?
    I recommend building an Asterisk PBX using either a junker PC or a Raspberry Pi. If you use a PC then you can get a cheap/clone TDM400P PCI card and configure it with whatever combination of FXS and FXO modules you want. I have mine setup with three FXS modules to go to phones/modems and one FXO to go to a phone line.
    If you want to be able to use rotary phones I recommend adding a Grandstream HT502. I picked up 4 of them in a lot off eBay for $20 shipped last year. I built myself a micro-PBX using a Raspberry Pi and a HT502 all embedded in a small case which fits neatly under a Western Electric 500 phone. Unfortunately I still haven't gotten around to making a blog post or video with the exact details of how I built the micro-PBX, but here's the Twitter thread on it:
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