Dennis Boone drb at msu.edu
Mon Dec 2 19:36:24 CST 2019

 > The menu you get when you hit Escape on startup has an option for
 > setting a floppy as 8".  Mine is ROM 5.7 which I believe is the next
 > to last.  Unless it is different than the other CP/M systems I have
 > FORMAT should have no hardware dependent code in it.  It was the OS
 > that tracked and controlled what the underlying format of the
 > floppies were.

That's literally the only thing I could find.  I can't see any place
where a DPB is defined for an 8" drive.  If the DPB is wrong, FORMAT
will misbehave.  I'd be utterly unsurprised if more parameters than just
cylinder count weren't wrong.

You might try examining the active DPBs for the system to see what all
it's using, and even correct it with a monitor or debugger.

 > > I haven't had mine out in a while, but last I did, the GIDE did
 > > work.  Seems like there was some ordering of operations on HD setup
 > > that I did wrong the first time.

The more I think about this, the more I think maybe the thing that
"fixed" mine was wiping the drive before trying FDISK.

You didn't show the full FDISK session, or a listing of what partitions
it thinks are there to begin with.  That might help shake free thoughts
from others.

Does dgriffi lurk on this list?


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