Unknown 1970 Tapedrive

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The Sangamo Electric Co <http://sangamoncountyhistory.org/wp/?p=1410> . manufactured  electrical meters, time switches and sonar and radio equipment, among other items, in Springfield, IL from the 1890s until 1978.

If your US house is old enough u might still have one of their meters on the wall


The device is either an instrumentation or an audio recorder, see: https://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/search/object/SILNMAHTL_16729 




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>> 1970, also all TTL is dated 1969 or 1970.


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> That would fit right in with a key-tape scheme.   Can you tell if the

> capstan motor is a stepper?


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I put up some more pics (Tapehead & capstan drive). It does not use stepper.


It seems it was made by US firm Sangamo, as is etched in some of the PCB's


In view of the head's condition I will not persue this further.






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