Modern Rack Rails in Classic Racks?

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> >> My next question is, what options are there for putting a shelf in a
> standard rack?  My google-fu seems to be failing me.  I’ve I’m going to put
> any desktops in the rack, I’ll need a shelf or two, at a minimum.
> >
> > I don't have any myself, but I've seen plenty of rack mounted shelves in
> the racks at the office.  Those are modern racks, but I'd assume they come
> in a range of sizes.  I could use some for putting oscilloscopes etc. in my
> H960.
> >
> >       paul
> I finally figured out how to pull up shelves on eBay.  Looks like
> outfitting a rack with shelves will likely cost more than the rack itself,
> but give me solution that will make it perfect for me.

While it might not be useful for all applications, I've gone down to the
hardware store and purchased "angle iron" and cut it to length. I then
drill a whole through it in a couple of places and bolt it to the rack.
It's not as nice as sliders, but it gets the job done for all the systems
I've used in the past couple of decades. It wouldn't work well, however,
for systems that have big heavy disk drives, for tape drives, etc. It also
burns 1 U in the rack. For me that's not been an issue but others have
complained about that in the past when I've suggested this.


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