Nat Semi 16032 info discovered

Jon Elson elson at
Mon Apr 29 11:30:43 CDT 2019

Back in 1984 I had cloned a Logical Microcomputer Co. Genix 
system based on the Nat. Semi. 16032 chip set.  I had a dd 
dump of the distribution on floppies, but that was unreadable.
I just found a binder with about an inch of fanfold 
printouts of all the device drivers, low-level system 
routines, boot loaders, etc in c source format.

These were printed on my Honeywell "big iron" drum printer 
with a funny character set, so many of the ASCII 96 
characters are printed using overprints.  Like, { shows as a 
< overprinted with (.
So, it might be tricky to scan and OCR it without training 
the OCR. Not sure anybody would be interested in it, anyway.


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