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Mon Apr 29 10:37:11 CDT 2019

On 04/29/2019 06:47 AM, allison via cctech wrote:
> On 04/28/2019 09:28 PM, Grant Taylor via cctech wrote:
>> On 4/28/19 6:27 PM, Ray Jewhurst wrote:
>>> I already have a Hobbyist License.  I am just interested in
>>> experimenting with different OSes and different versions of OSes.
>> ACK
>> I don't know what VAX hardware VMS 1.5 supported, what VAX hardware
>> that Simh supports, or what the overlap is between the two.
>> There's a reasonable chance that someone will chime in with experience.
> You are limited to what the VAX-11/780 system had for peripherals and
> typically under 8MB ram (it maxed at 16mb).
Well, for command-line computing (well, this IS the classic 
computing list) you can do a lot.
Our first 11/780 had half a megabyte of memory.  Friday 
afternoon one memory board went bad, and I pulled it out.  A 
user group ran a gigantic batch job of mechanical analysis 
over the weekend on 256 K!  I was amazed, I really thought 
it would thrash itself to death on that.

I ran a microVAX-II at home on one meg for years.

But, I never experienced VMS before about version 3.4, I 
think.  I'd really hate to run any VMS that didn't have 
loadable device drivers.  Doing the brute force sysgens was 
so RSX-11 ish.
I think VMS 1.5 still had a bunch of utilities running in 
PDP-11 emulation.


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