TSX-Plus help needed!

Charles charlesmorris800 at centurytel.net
Wed Apr 24 21:15:32 CDT 2019

OK, I have figured out how to modify TSGEN.MAC, use PUTR to make a disk 
image, load it in SIMH, reassemble, relink, and *finally* send it to an RL02 
pack via vtserver!
TIme-consuming but doable. I've been wrestling with this all day.

BUT - TSX+ 6.50 just will not run. At all.
Using RT-11SJ (5.01), after typing "R TSX" I can hear the disc access for a 
few seconds, a pause, a few more accesses... then nothing. It just hangs. 
Nothing on the console either., no response to <CR>.

When starting it in SIMH (the same disk image), I get the error message 
?TSX-F-Computer line clock is not working. Figured that was just a SIMH 
But the address/vector is correct in TSGEN.MAC... and when checking TIME in 
RT-11, the seconds advance in real-time like it should.

On the real hardware, the error message doesn't display, and the clock is 

My old version of TSX+ is 6.16 and it runs fine on console and SLU 2, just 
needs rebuilt to use different serial cards than the original system.
So where should I start looking first? RT-11 version incompatibility?
Any TSX+ experts online? Thanks for any help. This is driving me nuts!

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