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> Thanks... unfortunately I'm running 64-bit Windows and just discovered PUTR
> will only run on a 32-bit (or even older) machine.

32-bit code _should_ run on 64-bit Win7/8.x/10. 16-bit code won't.

Win7 has "XP Mode", which is a free download. It is MS VirtualPC plus
a preinstalled, preactivated Win XP VM.

It is possible to download run this VM image separately and run it
under other hypervisors -- I described how here:

What I dodged around is that you need a licence. Cracking it is also
an option, of course.

It just ended this month but there is also a legal hack to get another
5y of updates for XP.

Personally I used a 3rd party "distro" of XP called TinyXP (I used r9)
for years. I would not recommend this any more, TBH, but it's

The same person, "eXPerience", who made TinyXP also made a Tiny7. It
works but SP2 won't install, at which point they gave up.

You _could_ run 32-bit Win10 under VirtualBox. I've done it. It works
well, the ISO is a free download from Microsoft, and it's perfectly
usable without activation.

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