SIMH question

Charles charlesmorris800 at
Tue Apr 23 19:34:55 CDT 2019

This may be a silly question... but how can I transfer a text file from my 
PC into SIMH for PDP-11?
Is it even possible to create a disk or tape image from source code? 
Attaching files requires them to be images...

I have significant changes to make to TSGEN.MAC (TSX-Plus definitions file) 
and it will be MUCH easier to edit it on my laptop with a screen editor, 
than in SIMH (or on the real hardware) using the line editors!

The only method that comes to mind is to start the actual 11/23+, open the 
text editor for input, then use a terminal program like Teraterm to "play" 
the file as though I were typing it in.
But I don't have the rest of the TSX-Plus source files, linker, etc. so I 
would have to transfer them using VTserver anyway...


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