Novar terminal

Guy Fedorkow guy.fedorkow at
Mon Apr 15 19:35:24 CDT 2019

Greetings CC Talk
  I have a GTE Information Systems Novar 5-41 terminal that needs a new
  The unit is an IBM Selectric mechanism in a Novar chassis, originally
connected to a proprietary modem.  Decades ago, I modified the
electronics to work with a 300 baud modem and ASCII codes.
  IBM Selectrics are finicky -- the machine was reliable when I last
used it ages ago, but I think it would need a nice warm bath in solvent
to soften the oil residue on those hundreds of little levers and cams...
  The machine is located in the Boston area; if anyone is interested,
contact me at guy.fedorkow at  I'd be glad to meet up at the
MIT Flea market some time and hand it over.


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