FS: Qbus serial line cards

Charles charlesmorris800 at centurytel.net
Sun Apr 14 12:56:57 CDT 2019

I ran this ad back in 2015, will try again :)

I was going through my board collection and found three PDP-11 boards I've 
never used in years and don't see a foreseeable need.
No idea of condition, but they're visually clean and neat, stored in 
antistatic bags.

The serial cards came out of my working 11/23+ but I've not tested them 
(since I already have a 16-line card and only 2 terminals).

I have (one each):

M7957    DZV11   Quad height 4-line serial card

M8053    DMV11 "Microprogram Control" synchronous controller card (looks 
like it was intended for networking with 56k modems)

Dilog CQ1610 16-line serial card.

Make any reasonable offers. + shipping from US zip 65775.


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