Control Console, but not PDP-10

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> It is funny that the fellow that is selling the DSKY may not have the
> legal right to sell it. It may technically belong to the trash company that
> collected the rest of the stuff.
> I'm a trash scrounger myself but there are differences with stuff no one
> cares about and things of value.

It's likely more complicated than that given the amount of time that has
passed. He may have had permission to retain it when the rest was
dismantled, and title passes to the trash company once they remove the
trash. Until then it's in a grey zone of semi-abandoned property with
statutes of limitations for who may try to claw it back should some third
party make off with it. This many years later, possession is more than
9/10th the law :)


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> You should talk to Carl as he’s created (or far along in the process) of a
> DSKY to interface to
> an actual AGC that’s being restored (there are a number of videos on-line
> of the restoration
> effort…mostly done by converting a hotel room into a lab).
> TTFN - Guy
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> > On Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 1:23 AM Paul Birkel via cctalk
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> >> Now consider a DSKY.  Currently at $27,500.00.  Auction estimate:
> $60,000+
> >
> > I'd love to have a DSKY to fiddle around on, just for kicks, but my
> > budget for a replica is a tiny fraction of that...
> >
> > -ethan

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