Pleas ID this IBM system....

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sat Apr 6 16:04:31 CDT 2019

On 4/6/19 11:09 AM, Al Kossow via cctalk wrote:
> Hopefully LCM can go after this to flesh out their peripherals
> It looks like a nice set of disks and tapes, hopefully the 360-era
> disk and tape channel controllers are there too
> On 4/6/19 7:04 AM, jos via cctalk wrote:

Interesting--it really does belong in a museum--it's not something a
hobbyist would be able to usey; even if it was practical (or possible)
to get it running again.   The 2020 was "sort of" a System/360, with
halfword registers and a simplified instruction set. (To do any real
arithmetic, you pretty much had to use the packed BCD instructions).

I recognize the 2560 Mother F* Card Mulcher, which brings up some
interesting memories.


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