Not DEC related but still hoping for some help: Problems w/ LJ 4+ Printer

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Tue Apr 2 20:13:37 CDT 2019

On 4/2/19 4:57 PM, Guy Dunphy via cctalk wrote:
> One other tip that might be useful. Very commonly with old photocopiers 
> and laser printers the rubber pick-up and paper feed rollers lose their 
> 'tack' and slip on the paper.  I found that briefly soaking them in 
> teatree oil restores the 'tack' quite well. It soaks in and seems to 
> have the right spread of rubber-soluble oils to keep the surface a 
> little tacky.
> Anyone else found other solvent/oils with similar effect?

I've never considered oil / solvents.  I'd worry about transference to 

I have taken the rubber parts off and boiled them.  Or at least put them 
in water as hot as I could get it.  (You can only do so much when you 
put water in a blank CD spindle lid in the low wattage microwave at work.)

This helps remove the accumulated acid from the paper.  In doing so, the 
rubber becomes more tacky again.

I found one boil cycle to yield good results.  Two cycles slightly 
better.  More than that and the RoI drops through the floor.

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