Not DEC related but still hoping for some help: Problems w/ LJ 4+ Printer

Ali cctalk at
Tue Apr 2 19:28:41 CDT 2019

> Since you are presumably going to keep this printer, once you fix it,
> or
> at least use it for large jobs where wasting the first few pages isn't
> a
> big issue, I would suggest getting another cartridge.
> You will need it, eventually.
> And, it provides a simple test to support or reject the in-the-crtridge
> hypoothesis.
> Trying another cartridge is almost always one of the first tests.


I am considering it but as my only source for a cartridge seems to be eBay
it may not make much of a difference either way (in terms of having to wait
for it to arrive and wondering if that's any good.. :)). I am going to order
a cartridge anyhow and in the mean time I may just recap the board for good
measure. Since this is not my usual cup of tea ordering parts is a pain. I
am ordering one offs and then paying for S&H so the total cost is a pin
compared to some guys who just have supplies in bins around...

> Those are sweet printers.

Yes they are. Currently all of my main printers are rescues: a Color LJ
5500HDN, LJ 2100, LS 4Si and this one which is actually going to a family
member once I can guarantee trouble free printing... 


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