2.11 BSD on an 11/93 with an CMD SCSI Module

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 1 19:55:28 CDT 2019

On 3/31/19 4:29 PM, Josh Dersch wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 31, 2019 at 12:50 PM Bill Gunshannon via cctalk 
> <cctalk at classiccmp.org <mailto:cctalk at classiccmp.org>> wrote:
>     It's been a fun journey but I finally have 2.11 BSD (Patchlevel 431)
>     running on my real 11/93.
>     On to the next challenges.
>     Does anyone know which serial device I should configure for in order
>     to get the other serial lines working?  Everything I read says they
>     are DL lines and calls the builtin controller a DLV22.  There is no
>     such device in the 2.11 config.  Any suggestions?
> I believe the console plus the seven additional serial lines show up as 
> individual DL11 units; these are configured via the NKL parameter in 
> your kernel configuration.  Set it to 8 and see what happens...
>     Also having trouble with the ethernet.  It won't come up.  Are there
>     network modules that do not work under 2.11?
> Can you elaborate as to what you're doing here (what hardware, how 
> you're bringing it up, etc) and what errors you're getting or what 
> behavior you're seeing?

OK, here we go with exactly what I get with the new kernel with
NKL = 8 and entries in /etc/dtab for 7 serial lines.


93Boot from ra(0,0,0) at 0172150
: ra(0,0,0)unix
Boot: bootdev=02400 bootcsr=0172150

2.11 BSD UNIX #17: Thu Jan 4 03:34:38 PST 1990
     root at wizard:/usr/src/sys/WIZARD

ra0: Ver 6 mod 13
ra0: RA90  size=4110479
/netnix bad magic 407
netinit failed

phys mem  = 2097152
avail mem = 1879360
user mem  = 307200

January  4 08:48:26 init: configure system

autoconfig: warning: more than three handlers for device tty1 on line 36.
hk ? csr 177440 vector 210 skipped:  No autoconfig routines.
ht ? csr 172440 vector 224 skipped:  No autoconfig routines.
ra 0 csr 172150 vector 154 vectorset attached
rl ? csr 174400 vector 160 skipped:  No autoconfig routines.
tm ? csr 172520 vector 224 skipped:  No autoconfig routines.
tms 0 csr 174500 vector 260 vectorset attached
ts ? csr 172520 vector 224 skipped:  No autoconfig routines.
xp ? csr 176700 vector 254 skipped:  No autoconfig routines.
tty1 1 csr 176500 vector 300 skipped:  No autoconfig routines.
tty2 2 csr 176510 vector 310 skipped:  No autoconfig routines.
tty3 3 csr 176520 vector 320 skipped:  No autoconfig routines.
tty4 4 csr 176530 vector 330 skipped:  No autoconfig routines.
tty5 5 csr 176540 vector 340 skipped:  No autoconfig routines.
tty6 6 csr 176550 vector 350 skipped:  No autoconfig routines.
tty7 7 csr 176560 vector 360 skipped:  No autoconfig routines.
erase, kill ^U, intr ^C
checking quotas: done.
Assuming NETWORKING system ...
ifconfig: socket: Network is down
ifconfig: socket: Network is down
route: socket: Network is down
route: socket: Network is down
starting system logger
Jan  4 08:56:13 wizard syslogd: cannot create /dev/log: Network is down
checking for core dump...
preserving editor files
clearing /tmp
standard daemons: update cron accounting.
starting network daemons: inetd rwhod printer.
starting local daemons: sendmail.
Thu Jan  4 08:56:26 PST 1990

2.11 BSD UNIX (wizard) (console)



So, the serial line still don't work and the for some reason the
network won't come up.  Looks like more research needed for this.

And now for today's humor.

During one of the recompiles of the kernel (I had to do it a
couple times to get the BASE and Overlays right.  Boy did that
bring back memories.  Glad to see I still have the knack for
doing them.) I got the following message:

  base segment is 49152, min is 49152, too small by 0 bytes.

And, of course, it said the kernel was not BOOTABLE.  Maybe that
should say "min is 49153".   :-)


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