Cleaning out again

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at
Wed Sep 26 09:19:40 CDT 2018

Here's a list of stuff I need to cull from my collection.
Offering it here first.  Make an offer.  Plan on shipping
being USPS "If it fits it ships" pricing.

MODULE Description                                                QTY

M9202      UNIBUS connector                                            3
G7273      NPG AND BUS GRANT CONTINUITY                   5
M7556      Mininum load module +5V 1A -15V
                  375mA, 11/84
M9060      LOAD MODULE
M9400-YE   Headers and 240-ohm terminators (18-bit bus only)
M9400-YE   (can be used with M9401 as a Qbus extender)
M9400      (Handle broken model unknown)
M9302      UNIBUS TERM         2
M9401      Mirror-image connector used at other end of cable
M9401      to M9400 to join 2 backplanes.
M8739      LESI-to-UNIBUS interface for RC25, TU81
M8061      RLV12   RL01/RL02 disk control

A026       16-channel, 12-bit Analogue-to-Digital plus
A026       2-channel, 12-bit Digital-to-Analogue Converter

DECServer 200 
MC                                                                 3
Desktop enclosure for DECServer 200 MC                             1

There will be more to come.  Other A/D D/A modules.  Eventually
may get to the bigger stuff but then it would be pickup only as I
would never try to ship a box, not even the desktop ones.  :-)


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