ISO 70's and 80's coax and twinax terminal docs/brochures

Al Kossow aek at
Wed Sep 19 10:48:10 CDT 2018

I've started to more aggressively archive material on old IBM and compatible coax and twinax
terminals and was wondering if anyone has documentation scanned or squirreled away that I don't
already have on bitsavers. Most of these have been scrapped by now, and surviving keyboards for them
are going for the high hundreds of dollars now, even from companies like Telex or Memorex.
I started surveying what we have in the CHM collection and about half of them have no keyboards :-(
This is a drag.

Terminals from the PC era forward seem to be in a little better state since many appear to have adopted
some flavor of 5 pin DIN interface.

There are some new pictures of a few Telex coax terminals up now under
and I started trying to restore a 276-12 with integrated establishment controller
that I'm going to have to find a keyboard for. Maybe Cindy knows of someone who
has some more old Telex Microswitch keyboards.

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