VT100 emulation

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> Well...not 7", but there is this:
> https://blackberrymobile.com/product/blackberry-key2/


I have not had or used an Android Blackberry with a hardware keyboard,
but I did have a Passport, the older QNX-based device.

One thing to note about the keyboard is that is has no punctuation
marks at all. It only has letters, backspace, return, Alt and Shift.

No keys for numbers or . , ' ? & * | > < etc.

Some of these things are accessible with Alt, some with softkeys on
the display, and some will be hard to find at all.

It was great for entering English text but I suspect it would be a
real handful for shell commands or in a terminal emulator.

The Psion/Gemini keyboard doesn't have many, just these:

, /

' ~
. ?

... and it causes problems for non-English users. It has no keys for
æ, å, é, á, š and so on. There are workarounds but users of languages
with many diacritics tend to be very used to having dedicated keys for
these things.

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