old DEC stuff

Dominique Carlier dce at skynet.be
Wed May 30 12:45:03 CDT 2018

On 30/05/2018 18:52, Jay West wrote:
> Dominique wrote:
> $75 for one toggle switch ? $9,999.00 for a rusty PDP8L ?
> hem ... No
> -----------------
> Mitch Miller is a really good guy, and very "collector friendly".
> He still sells to a lot of business clients, and those are the prices he can get for those in that market.
> However, if you call or email him - let him know you are a collector - you'll find him willing to work with you.
OK, I understand a little better. However, just a question, which kind 
of business clients wants a very rusty PDP8L for $9,999 ?
Sorry, I'm sure this person is very friendly and I don't want to discuss 
about his business finally. I just regret this incredible rise in prices 
for collector machines that, not so long ago, were languishing in wet 
sheds, probably like this PDP8.
Anyway, this is an endless debate in which I don't want to enter. I'm 
happy to have been able to recover the big part of my machines before 
they cost the price of a kidney.

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