DEC RSX-11D and its COBOL compiler?

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>>>> I have 11D on bitsavers.
>>> this is actually RSX-11D?
>> 	Yes. The two V3.4A tapes will allow you to build either RSX-11D or IAS. 
> Wow, I did not know that.  It certainly confirms that IAS is just a slightly hacked RSX-11/D...
> 	paul

	My first job in Maynard was project lead for DECnet-11D & DECnet-IAS (Phase II). It was basically the same source code for both, just
	separate builds since they were released as separate distributions. Later versions consolidated the releases into a single kit.

	The V3.4A tapes will claim to be running IAS but, if you select the “Real-Time” options during sysgen you’ll get the familiar MCR> prompt:

1920K (word) IAS Version 3.4A Baselevel 3414

SAV -- Partition GEN    expanded by    57472 words
MOUNT-**Volume Information**
	Device	=DB0
	Class	=File 11
	Label	=IASSYS
	UIC	=[1,1]
	Charac	=[]
MOUNT --  DB0 ** Mount Complete **
 20-NOV-90 12:15:53
Date and time, please? 

	IIRC, IAS development in Reading was done mostly on an 11/45. The 2.0 SPD confirms that IAS was supported on 11/45, 55 and 60 but
	only with 2 active terminals.


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