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> I started with Linux kernel version 0.12 (not a typo), which I believe 
> was the first version that was self-hosting.

I need to go back and learn more history of Linux, particularly about 
before it was self hosting.

I've heard vague reference to Unix not being self hosting either when it 
first started out. I think it relied on GE Computer Operating System. 
(I think that's where the "gecos" field comes from.)

> Is there any collector value or interest in old issues of Linux Journal? 
> I have a continuous run for "several" years, beginning with the very 
> first issue.

I don't know how much value there is presently for the old issues. But 
I suspect that there will be some historic value in the future.

> Anyone interested? As many as you want could be yours for the cost of 
> shipping (USPS Media Mail).

My instinct would be BitSavers or The Internet Archive might be 
interested. Though I don't know how that works seeing as how Linux 
Journal is still (again?) alive and selling subscriptions.

Grant. . . .
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