Eudora email client source code released

Tapley, Mark mtapley at
Tue May 29 09:21:16 CDT 2018

> On May 25, 2018, at 5:35 PM, Al Kossow <aek at> wrote:
> yea.. I'm not going to dig into it myself.
> Just wanted to warn people some archaeology will be necessary to rebuild the Mac version.
> On 5/25/18 3:09 PM, Tapley, Mark wrote:
>> ResEdit 2.1 can see a whole page of Resources in the Eudora Application.

One more followup, over the weekend I located the "Eudora 6.2.dmg” file that installed the Eudora I used up until our Exchange server quit talking to it. The .dmg is 4.8 MB on disk according to the MacOSX.4 PowerBook it’s on. As before, anyone wanting help with working on updating need only ask and let me know how to help.
							- Mark

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