IBM 5140 - schematics?

Michael Brutman mbbrutman at
Sun May 27 13:10:02 CDT 2018

Forgive me for replying to a nearly month-old post.

You definitely want the "serial/parallel" slice option.  They are
relatively cheap on eBay.  Besides all of the goodness of the serial port,
you can also get a Xircom PE3-10BT Ethernet adapter that attaches to the
parallel port and connect it to a modern network.

Using it as a terminal is cute.  Running telnet on it natively and playing
Netris is cool. :-)

On a slightly different topic, the tech ref describes the interface to the
LCD screen.  I have a few bad LCD screens - they have lines through them.
I've thought about trying to debug them, but the thought of just replacing
them outright with newer tech that can do color is really appealing too.
(The original screens are LCDs, sometimes with a backlight option.  But
they can do greyscale, so detecting the levels and doing color should be

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> Hey all,
> I have an IBM 5140 portable with a printer but I'd really like to use it as
> a terminal among other things. Any chance there's documentation available
> for that Centronics connector or another internal header with RS232 or
> whatever?
> =]
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