Restoring a PC Server 500 P/390

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> > Well in case any one has the slightest bit of interest, I have now
> > plugged the RAID card back in and after replacing on of the drive
> > carriers I can get five of the six drives to spin up. Its now copying
> > stuff to my Buffalo NAS but as its 10Mbit LAN its not terribly fast. I
> > think the NAS isn't very fast either. It looks like zipping up the
> > files and FTPing the ZIP files might be the quickest way to go.
> So is the RAID up in a degraded state?  Or is it optimal and the other two disks
> are spares?

Its degraded. There are no spares in the config. It did once rebuild the non-operational drive, but dropped it again very quickly. 
IBM recommended running the box from a UPS and never powering it off. I can't really afford the electricity

> Either way, COOL!!!
> It sounds like you're doing some good computer archaeology / preservation.
OI think there are plenty of P390 boxes around, and most of the software is available, but its interesting to a Mainframe OS on real hardware. 
The Hercules emulator on a modern (Core i3 or Core I5) PC is much faster than the P390.

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