OT- Thunderbird ugliness, Was: Eudora email client source code released

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Thu May 24 17:54:13 CDT 2018

On 05/24/2018 02:43 PM, Grant Taylor via cctalk wrote:

> I was meaning to imply that "gmail as a server" can mean multiple
> things.  As in stating "gmail as a server" by itself is not enough to

> I also suspect that you are using Gmail as an SMTP server, despite not
> saying such.

I'm not entirely sure that I do use gmail for SMTP.   I rarely use it to
send mail--i use it mostly as a "junk mail collector" or for something
that requires a gmail address.

I don't recall if I used my own relay for outgoing SMTP from a gmail
address or not.

> I'm fairly certain that Thunderbird's immediate predecessor, Netscape
> Mail / Communicator existed in '96.  I know it existed in the late '90s.
>  (It's my understanding that Thunderbird is a direct descendant of
> original Netscape source code.)  Please forgive me for counting Netscape
> Mail / Communicator and Mozilla Thunderbird as one project and implying
> that said project was around in the '90s.

I wasn't aware of Thunderbird's lineage.   I wonder how much of the
original Netscape Mail is in Thunderbird, or even if Thunderbird
understands Netscape mailboxes.  I was probably still using NCSA Mosaic
for web browsing in 1996.


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