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Cameron Kaiser spectre at floodgap.com
Wed May 23 22:59:29 CDT 2018

> I talked with my friend who worked at Solbourne longer than I did.

Oooh. Dieter, maybe?

> This isn't quite right. The connectors are different, but the signalling is
> the same. You need a custom adapter, though, so you get the right signals
> on the right pins. Solbourne specifically made their keyboards incompatible
> with Suns at the connector level to force people to buy keyboards from
> Solbourne, but used the same basic parts as Sun keyboards to save on
> development costs. While the big battleship keyboards have extra keys, the
> scan codes for the basic keys are the same (though he cautioned me that was
> only his memory, but based on how fanatical they were about being Sun
> compatible). After he told me that, I recalled that I found an odd cable a
> few years ago in my big box of cables that could have been such an adapter,
> though I don't have it any more. He suggested using the SE guide that was
> on bitkeepers to make an adapter.

Well, that's good to know. I'll update that section if you can get the
name as the source (since most of the available documentation says

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