I ran across this strange modernistic? Data General ...odd?

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Wed May 23 10:47:14 CDT 2018

On 05/22/2018 10:46 PM, Lars Brinkhoff via cctech wrote:

> This is with a microEclipse CPU, right?
> I'm surprised the Nova/Eclipse architecture doesn't get more love.
> It seems quite pleasant.

As I recall--and please correct me--DG was extremely hostile to the
notion of third parties incorporating the MicroNova in any of their

The same situation applied to the Fairchild 9440 MicroFlame, which was
essentially a clone of the MicroNova architecture.  I recall that
Fairchild didn't want to talk to you (I tried) if you weren't in defense
or aerospace or the like.

The basic idea of the 4x16 bit register 16-bit architecture was copied
to some extent by National Semi in their multichip IMP-16 and
single-chip PACE and 9440, but it was mostly in the "spirit of a
Nova"--performance wasn't all that great in comparison to the current 8
bit MPUs.

Weren't the MCBA business applications originally written in Nova BASIC?


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