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G'day Ed -

That picture was taken from our web site - specifically a photo of a 
Data General Desktop Generation Model 10 beside a (1983) newsletter 
announcing the DG/10's introduction.   The computer system was announced 
in 1983 in DG's effort to blunt the effect of the "microcomputer 
revolution" on Data General's proprietary systems' sales.  It was based 
on a 16-bit microEclipse processor contained in a small, modular, 
consumer-oriented (desktop) form factor that ran DG operating systems 
and software.  However, one version also contained an Intel 8086 
co-processor that could run newfangled MS-DOS software, thereby 
targeting the pesky, soon-to-die microcomputer market.  ;-)

The system was designed around modules that could be plugged together 
which simplified system configuration and expansion.  It was very 
reliable (except for some of the OEM disk drives used) but disk and tape 
operations were very slow due to its serial I/O data bus design.

The Desktop Generation series was very popular with many DG users and 
OEMs worldwide but was overshadowed by the factors that affected the 
traditional minicomputer manufacturers in the mid-1980s.

And "yes", information does exist for these systems.  Do you have 
pictures of your system?



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