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Three possibly interesting papers about some Tennecomp equipment uses.

The third  (MCA FOCAL) references the "PDP-9, PDP-9/L, or PDP-15".
Also references DEC-15-MR2B-D "Advanced Monitor Software System for PDP-15/20/30/40".


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Al uploaded some of my Tennecomp docs onto Bitsavers:

He also already had some brochures, which are very interesting as well.

Anyone else have some Tennecomp stuff? I've got more stuff to scan,
including a bunch of schematics (size C paper, for the most part), as well
as a few other manuals I believe.

I'd be curious to hear any of their history, especially because of their
location in Oak Ridge, TN.

I will also photograph some of my Tennecomp things (my Minidek, some
Omnibus boards, etc.) at some point.



P.S. My Minidek came with some carts, but the pressure pads are all rotted.
A cursory glance online didn't turn up any source of replacement pads in
stock for Fidelipacs/Stereo-Paks. Anyone have any suggestions, or tips on
making your own?

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