Re: HP Series 9000 early 1980’s computer hardware

Ed Sharpe couryhouse at
Thu May 17 18:56:53 CDT 2018

Is HP UX that it  runs similar  to what is on the HP INTEGRAL ?
In a message dated 5/17/2018 3:48:52 PM US Mountain Standard Time, cctalk at writes:

HP-UX did a fairly extensive kernel rewrite, but implemented substantially
the same system call interface. This was apparent in a number of ways (the
binary format was different from other machines in ways I can't quite
recall, not quite COFF). They did ship mostly programs from BSD and SysV,
though through quirks of the legal minefield of the early days of Unix,
they did it under their System III license, at least in the early days...
Don't know if that ever changed to a System V license or not since they
didn't have a System V kernel...

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