Kaypro 2000 charging

joe heck trash3 at splab.cas.neu.edu
Wed May 16 22:15:51 CDT 2018

Hi Dwight,
The Selectric Typewriter Museum has a blurb on the 2000 and calls out a 
3 cell lead acid battery pack.  A Youtube video that dismantles a 2000 
that the magic smoke came out of also calls out a lead acid battery. 
The age is around 1985, so I'm not sure NiCd were readily available 
then.  Just too long ago for me to remember.  If you check Youtube, and 
look for RIP Kaypro, you will see a machine being taken apart.

On 5/16/2018 9:40 PM, dwight wrote:
> I'm curious about the lead acid battery. Most rechargeable things used
> NiCads. Do you have a picture of what is inside?
> Dwight
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> Hi,
> I just found a Kaypro 2000 at the local recycler.  No power supply.
>   From what I can find online it has three(3) lead acid batteries.  Any
> thoughts on getting it to fire up?  I do not know the polarity of the
> power jack on the back.  Once I get that, I was thinking of a 6 volt
> supply, more to just turn it on, rather than try to charge the
> batteries.  Thanks.  Joe Heck

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