HP Series 9000 early 1980’s computer hardware

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I own several HP 9020 work stations along with peripheral gear 
associated with that series. That gear includes several types of hard 
drives and tape drives, standalone monitors and even an impact 132 
character line printer. I also have a CPU, that I think is a 9000/550. 
Not a work station but a more powerful CPU using the same technology as 
the 9000/520. Plus cables and extra circuit boards used in that series 
equipment. All of the stuff worked the last time it was fired up. I also 
have the disks and tapes for the software shipped with that equipment.

I am getting along in years and rather leaving it to be trashed in the 
future I am looking for a new home for the stuff. So can you suggest 
someone who might be interested in it?


Charles D. Parker

Howell, MI 48844
Chas.parker at comcast.net

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