FS: PDP-11/23 + RL02

Ben Sinclair ben at bensinclair.com
Wed May 16 08:54:41 CDT 2018

I haven't gotten this all together yet, but thought I'd let people here
know first that I have a PDP-11/23 for sale!

I'm just trying to clean things out, and have decided to focus my
collection a bit. I need to go down and inventory everything, but I have a
PDP-11/23 with 64KW of memory (not sure on what boards I have to give it
that yet).

The machine itself works, thanks to some help from people on this list. I
have not gotten around to getting the RL02 working, though I have the
interface and what I believe is the proper cabling. It's a pretty clean
drive, and does power on just fine.

I boot the 11 via a TU-58 emulator, so other than the RL02 I don't have any
physical drives or tapes.

Not sure on the price yet, but thought I'd see if anyone is interested.
Ideally this would be for pickup in Des Moines, Iowa.


Ben Sinclair
ben at bensinclair.com

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