Restoring a PC Server 500 P/390 - now running

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Tue May 15 01:40:16 CDT 2018

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> I seem to recall having to install some vram chips on my P/390 to get
> 1024x768 resolution, but I think that was on my PC Server 330...

It’s a separate display card. Real pain. The server came with a dead Cirrus Logic card but it now has an "IBM Display Adaptor/A" (I think) which should do 1024x768x256 colors. Must check.

> I’m glad you got it working!  That is awesome!  Did you get networking
> functional?

Not through to VM. That’s next (after sorting the display)

> Have fun!
> -Ben
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> > Folks,
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> > Just to say I did end up doing a re-install of OS/2 on a smaller drive, which
> took most of today, but the P390 software is now installed and I have loaded
> VM/CMS and IPL'd a simple 3-pack system copied from Hercules. The
> readme that comes with the P/390 V2.5 software explains how to set up the
> systems so PCOMMS can talk to it. I still don't have the screen resolution
> working at 1024 x 768 which the manual says it should. Oh and PMVNC also
> runs so I can remote control the beast. It was all a bit of a slog, mostly
> because OS/2 is a bit of a slog. The P/390 was the easy part.
> >
> > Thanks to all who helped,
> >
> > Dave
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