how fast were drum memories?

Jack Harper harper at
Thu May 10 15:17:47 CDT 2018

Chuck, do you know if the story that the FASTRAND drum was fabricated 
from milled/machined sewer pipe is true???

Another apocryphal(?) story is that a FASTRAND unit lies today at the 
bottom of Tokyo Bay from when it fell from a freighter unloading crane.

...would have made a bit of a splash :)

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>Didn't the FASTRAND have "ping" detectors that would register a count
>every time a head hit the surface?  I recall that the binary-encoded
>positioner mechanism was composed of a bunch of solenoids and levers
>that could convert a binary input to a head position. (The FASTRAND was
>a moveable head, not a head-per-track drum).

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