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Wed May 9 13:17:41 CDT 2018

From: Seth Morabito
Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2018 9:23 AM

> As an aside: If you were active on Usenet in 1989, what software were you
> using?

1988-89 is about when I started reading Usenet newsgroups.  At first, I used
rn under Ultrix (on a VAX 3600, the staff Ultrix system at LOTS), but soon
switched to Gnews (different from GNUS) under Emacs 18.59 because it saved
messages into an RMail format mailbox file for later access.  Once I had that I
almost never used any of the Unix-y newsreaders.

(I had to switch to GNUS when Emacs 19 came out, but that's another story.)


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