Intel 3000 series

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Fri May 4 20:16:03 CDT 2018

I'm not sure how much good a 2900 assembler would be for a 3000 series part. The 2900 has an address controller more like a typical micro computer, while the 3000 is more like playing a game of chess.

Of course, you can always use 3000 series alu's with a 2900 series address controller ( 2910 or 2911 as I recall ).


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> I assume it's one of these?
Any tips on how to get it running in SimH or the like? I don't see any text
> file describing the system or format.

Should be in there somewhere. The IMD files are ImageDisk format. The ZIP
files contain the extracted CP/M files.  I ran it some years ago but don't
recall the details.

Some time ago I started working on an AMDASM clone written in Python 3, but
>> it's not yet far enough along to be useful.
> Sweet! I wonder if there is enough in the way of microcoded stuff that a
> microdisassembler wouldn't be handy as well. Does something like that
> already exist?

I haven't heard of a general-purpose microcode disassembler. I wrote a
custom disassembler for the Atari Am2900-based "Math Box" used in
Battlezone, Red Baron, and Tempest, and a few others for even more obscure

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