DEC Mouse replacement

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> > I would like to have a couple more DEC Mice for some Vaxestations I
> > have, but they seem to be pretty rare.  At present I only have one
> > mouse and I move it from machine to machine.
> >
> > The protocols for the DEC mice and the standard PS/2 mice don't seem
> > to be that much different.
> >
> > Is it possible to use an arduino to translate  PS/2 mouse output and
> > then send it to the vaxstation so that will it mimic a classic DEC mouse?
> >
> Anything is possible. :-)  I have often wondered about using a modern PC
> mouse on a VaxStation 3100 but never got around to trying anything. I never
> thought about the Arduino route.  While it seems like overkill, I would bet it
> would work quite well.

I have seen lots of similar projects using PIC chips. The smaller chips may require assembler coding, but you can get them in small enough form factors so that they can be inserted in the cable near the plug, and covered in heatshrink..


> bill

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