Unknown Z80 CPU board and backplane ID anyone?

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Tue Jul 31 12:41:21 CDT 2018

Agree about Varian trademark.
In 1937 the Varian brothers developed the Klystron tube.
In 1965 Eitel-McCullough (EIMAC) merged with Varian Associates, but in 1995 the EIMAC division was “spun off” (now part of CPI).
In 1999, the company was reorganized into three distinct businesses: 
Varian Medical Systems Inc., Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates Inc., and Varian, Inc. 
The Card Edge connectors on motherboard are Sullins Connector Solutions, Inc.

Edge Card Catalog

Card Edge Connector, 100 Contact(s), 2 Row(s), Straight, 0.125 inch Pitch, 
.025” Square Wire Wrap - .610” Insulator Height, Blue Insulator,
Raised with .125” Clearance Holes, .190” Contact Length for .025” Square.
For reference purposes, S-100 motherboards use Sullins EBA50DCSD .


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