DEC memory and CPUs

Paul Anderson useddec at
Mon Jul 30 23:43:27 CDT 2018

More DEC items available. If you have any interest or questions please
contact me off list.

L4000 KA670 4000/300  I might need one to fill a box. 3 or so boxes also.

L4001-Bx X= chip manufacturer  MS670


L4004-Cx MS690


M7606  KA630 Microvax II

M7607  MS630-A   1MG

M7608   MS630-B   2MG


M7621  MS650-A  8MB

M7622  MS650-B  16MB

M8637-Cx   2MG

M8637-Ex    2MG

I hope there aren't too many typos in here and the info is correct.

Thanks,  Paul

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