Global Village 56k modem for shipping

Ed Sharpe couryhouse at
Sun Jul 29 19:31:02 CDT 2018

well   don't  care  about  software  but  it  may have  ad a  real  rs232  connector on the  modem  and the mac   cable  was an ad on  Kapish? Ed#

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> Global Village Teleport 56kbps fax/modem

> in original box (opened and inspected, not tested), includes power supply and software on CD (for Mac OS 8).
> Cable connects to the Mac serial port (round DIN connector)

On Sun, 29 Jul 2018, Ed Sharpe via cctalk wrote:
> is there also pc  connect  cable!?

He said Mac cable and Mac software.

If you're feeling adventurous, . . .
at the modem end of that cable, it might detach from the modem, exposing a DB25F 
Since the PC uses a DB25M, . . .
although you might want to extend the distance at least a few inches.
OTOH, if you want AT, not PC, then you would need a DE9F to DB25M cable. 
There might still be some of those on eBay.

But, software is a whole other issue.

<-- Sorry, couldn't resist -->

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