Microware OS-9 68000 SPF

David Coolbear david at thecoolbears.org
Sun Jul 29 21:30:22 CDT 2018

Anyone familiar with the SPF file manager on Microware OS-9?

I have an MVME162 processor and for no good reason, other than an
intellectual exercise, I've decided to try and get OS-9 68000 running on
it. Mostly this has been a pretty simple exercise, since the necessary ROM
images are on the Internet, however, the one thing that I can't seem to
make work is SLIP (or PPP for that matter).

I have the MVME board connected via an RS232 connection to a Raspberry PI.
PPP doesn't work at all but SLIP works partially. I can PING from the PI to
the MVME and from the MVME to the PI. I can send TCP traffic in both
directions. I can send UDP traffic in both directions. When I try to start
a telnet session from the PI to the MVME, it seems like the session is

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

But I never see the login prompt on the PI. Pretty much the same thing
applies to other telnet clients including Windows, NetBSD VAX and 211BSD on
my PDP-11. Furthermore, I see that the connection handler in OS-9,
telnetdc, is started and also login is started

20   0   0.0     128   48.00k   0 e        0.03  0:00 telnetdc <pks01
21  20   0.0     128   24.00k   0 e        0.02  0:00 login <>>>pks01
40   0   0.0     128   52.00k   0 s        0.12 25:42 telnetd <>>>nil

but I never get a login prompt at the PI.

Any suggestions?

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