how good is the data reliability with CD ROM and DVD RAM?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Wed Jul 25 18:28:54 CDT 2018

On 07/25/2018 02:56 PM, Alexander Schreiber wrote:

> Of course there are. Since both SD cards and µSD cards have identical
> electrical and protocol interfaces, those adapters are just passive pieces
> of plastic and wires. In fact, a lot of µSD cards sold these days come
> packaged with a µSD to SD card adapter.

Again, I've been misunderstood.  I'm looking for an adapter that allows
one to use standard size SD cards in a MicroSD slot.

I can find only one incarnation of this idea in a rather shoddy-locking
hunk of F44 PCB with a uSD socket mounted on it.

If someone knows of a slicker, better-designed adapter, I'd like to see it.


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