how good is the data reliability with CD ROM and DVD RAM?

Fred Cisin cisin at
Wed Jul 25 17:43:25 CDT 2018

>> Are there such things as "microSD" to "standard SD" adapters that allows
>> for insertion of standard SD into mcroSD slots?

On Wed, 25 Jul 2018, Alexander Schreiber via cctalk wrote:
> Of course there are. Since both SD cards and µSD cards have identical
> electrical and protocol interfaces, those adapters are just passive pieces
> of plastic and wires. In fact, a lot of µSD cards sold these days come
> packaged with a µSD to SD card adapter.

Yes, micro-SD often comes with an adapter to use micro-SD in an SD slot.
But are there adapters readily available to connect an SD card to a 
device that has a micro-SD slot?
(">> for insertion of standard SD into mcroSD slots?")

The word "TO" is often confused when discussing adapters, and any 
discussion should AVOID using the words "TO" or "FROM".

For example, If I want to use a Micro-4/3 lens on a Leica bellows, then 
which way is "TO"?   Are we adapting the M4/3 lens to Leica bellows, or 
adapting the Leica bellows to M4/2?  You and I might know what we mean, 
but eBay searches, . . .
(A: adapter to use the Leica bellows on a Micro-4/3 camera is readily 
available for a couple of dollars.  But for the lens onto the bellows,
is NOT readily available, however, there are extremely cheap sets of M4/3 
extension tubes, with 52mm or 57mm x 0.75mm threads between the sections. 
adapters between 39mmx24tpi and 52mm x 0.75mm are easier to come by.)

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