DEC power connectors (UNIBUS PDP-11s, mostly)

Mattis Lind mattislind at
Wed Jul 25 15:35:55 CDT 2018

> They are 'Commercial Mate-n-Lok', now made by TE Connectivity, who bought
> AMP.
> Here are the current part numbers:

VAX (VAX-11/750 specifically) but I assume many DEC machine of the same
vintage uses Universal Mate-N-Lok series.

This what I bought a couple of years ago to have handy when working with
various PSUs etc:

1-480710-0  15 position plug housing
1-480708-0  12 position plug housing
1-480704-0    9 position plug housing
1-480704-0    6 position plug housing
1-480763-0    5 position plug housing
1-480702-0    4 position plug housing
1-480700-0    3 position plug housing
1-480698-0    2 position plug housing
350536-1    Female socket 14-20 AWG cut-strip
350218-1    Male socket 14-20 AWG cut-strip

Unfortunately the mate-n-lok which has 8 position and is used for current
loop connectors and H74x plug regulator does not seems to be available
anymore. But it would be nice to be corrected here.

It uses the same sockets as the commercial mate-n-lok.


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