ABLE, other non DEC boards.

Paul Anderson useddec at
Wed Jul 25 03:36:22 CDT 2018

I had a nice talk with an old friend earlier today, and we talked about how
some companies were so proud of their products that they never put their
name on it. Sometimes a logo, sometimes only a part number.

Bitsaver is great- I don't don't know what any of us would do without it.
But There are a lot of items that, at least I, can't turn up there or on

While looking for the ABLE (ACT) board that Mattis was talking about (and I
found it for a list member who has first dibs on it) I came across:

Computer Consoles 343d01533
Computer interface Tech -looks like a DZ11 clone
CMD CDU-700/T witch I think can be upgraded to a M/T SCSI Unibus
Simpact Assoc inc ICP-1600
DPD might have been bought out by CDA Computer design and
Applicationd.which might be a subsidiary of Analogic.
     40199 2mg,

Some of these I've heard of, some not.

I have a few hundred DEC compatibles, and I'm tired of going through them.
Duel, quad, hex, and 780. A lot of Emulex, dilog, ADAC, Data Translations.
Please contact me off list if you are interested in any. Pics would be

Thanks, Paul

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