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Tue Jul 24 13:11:29 CDT 2018

>> Has printerworks gone under?
>> Their website is unresponsive.
>> Does anybody have scans of their CX and SX "catalogs"?

On Tue, 24 Jul 2018, Ali wrote:
> I can verify that I cannot access printerworks either. I checked and I had
> made PDFs of printer specific pages for printers that I own or were
> interested in (e.g. LG IIID, 4si, 2100, 5500, etc.) This has the info for
> the parts, toner, specs, etc. I do not have the engine specific pages. Nor
> do I have the page which talks about painting old FedEx printers (I had
> accessed it before but it is not in my cache either).

The "wayback machine"/ provides at least a temporary recovery:

If Printerworks HAS gone under, that does not make it "abandonware".
At one time, Printerworks SOLD dead-tree copies, so it is legaally 
established both as copyrighted, and as having monetry value.
There may be creditors who now own the "intellectual property", who might 
think that they can make back some of their debts.  In which case, they 
may insist that remove those pages (YES, they can do that!). 
So, if somebody has a convenient way to archive a copy, . . .

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