how good is the data reliability with CD ROM and DVD RAM?

Grant Taylor cctalk at
Tue Jul 24 12:55:28 CDT 2018

On 7/23/18 12:00 PM, Geoffrey Oltmans via cctalk wrote:
> Probably a good idea to use something like RAR with parity. I know I 
> have downloaded some multi-segment binaries in RAR format from usenet 
> with several missing segments and as long as I had the parity file 
> set it could successfully recover the entire archive.
I too have had good luck with RAR files and their (optional) accompany 
PAR files.  The key word being "optional" as in not there by default.

I think some other archive formats also have (optional) built in redundancy.

I've also heard some noise that some archive file formats are 
particularly susceptible to corruption and can't be recovered.  So I do 
think it's very important to carefully pick the archive format and options.

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