RK05 spindle pulleys - trade 50Hz vs 60Hz?

steven at malikoff.com steven at malikoff.com
Tue Jul 24 05:56:06 CDT 2018

Mattis said
> I have two RK05J-AA as part of a system that I guess has been imported used
> form the US. A DC-10 simulator.
> The only difference is the pulley, the motor position and a 230 / 115 V
> jumper inside.
> Is there anyone in 60Hz land that has the opposite problem and want to
> trade two spindle pulleys?
> The good thing for me that I would guess that it possible to use a lathe to
> get the diameter down to the correct 50Hz diameter. On the other hand going
> from 50Hz to 60 Hz is tougher...
> Then there is a PC05 that has the wrong number of grooves on the motor
> pulley. Apparently it should be 16 instead of 20.
> Now in 50Hz land the only difference is that the punch would be slower than
> it should be. Using a 50Hz punch in 60Hz area might get you into problems,
> so maybe there is someone here as well that want to do a trade?

I relish these sorts of problems. If you have a digital caliper to take some
measurements and could sketch it up roughly, I can draw it up in CAD. Photos
would help determine how complicated the machining job would be.

I wonder if a 3D printed one might work? A pulley couldn't be too challenging
depending on how it is fixed to the spindle. If by grubscrews then that would
require a metal boss or flange as the plastic would not likely be be strong
enough for grubscrew threads to withstand the torque. However if it's just clamped
with a large axial nut and washer on the spindle it could be ok.

Of course if you can trade for the right ones, that would be best of all :)


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